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Like the idea of developing a block of apartments or building a new build residential housing site but lack the technical expertise?

If you can fund a development of this sort but are held back by lack of time or expertise we can help.

At Tri-core we’ve acted as project mangers and building consultants for clients on projects from a single new build house right up to a 57 unit apartment blocks, hotels and large HMO’s with contract values of £100k up to £4million.

This size of project is our sweet spot. Your one man band builders can’t handle these types of projects and its uneconomical for most large contractors/consultants to take on such projects.

Property development  can be a real mine field start to finish. Actually doing the building work is the easy bit.  It’s the before and after that is where the money is made. This is where good quality project mangement pays for itself.

Why have a go project managing yourself and potentially make a catastrophic mistake?

Use our contacts and expertise.  Please contact us now to discuss your situation. We look forward to helping you.

How Tri-Core Developments can help

  • Planning Advice. Is your proposed idea realistic? Knowing whether a development stands a good chance of approval or not can be worth millions to you.
  • Market Knowledge. You’ve found a site with potential but what is going to work best? Keep it as a commercial site, convert to residential, a mix of the two?  What does the market want? Apartments, HMO Rooms, small commercial units, large commercial units?  What finish does the market want?  As you can see this is a minefield.  We’ll help you make your way through unscathed.
  • Development Costing Advice. If you don’t know roughly how much it’s going to cost you to develop how can know with any certainty whether it’s going to be profitable or not?
  • Exit Strategy. So you’ve found a site, you see the potential.  What is your exit strategy?  Sell, or hold and let?  More importantly what is your back up strategy if plan A fails?  We can help with this.

No other company will offer you such a complete service. We’ll help with the expertise and spend the time so you can just leave it to us.

Check out some of our projects:

We can help you with project management and building consultancy packages anywhere in the UK and this includes site visits.  Call 01924 692011 and ask us to provide you with a proposal.

If you want to have a look at any of our recent developments ask about our next site tour dates and you’re very welcome to come visit us.

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